Divine Essences™
High Quality Essential Oil Sprays

Feel your Light

Shine your Light

Share your Light

Divine Essences™ essential oil sprays are designed to uplift your vibration through scent and direct contact with the body and aura. They dissolve negative thoughts and energies, promote feelings of joy and love, and open you up to brighter possibilities. The sprays relax the body and create and maintain a positive atmosphere, bringing a sense of upliftment.

Each spray is intuitively formulated for a different effect and they can be used together. Use them to:

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  • Connect with your inner wisdom
  • Uplift mood by raising your vibration
  • Reduce stress
  • Purify your home or workspace
  • Enhance your meditation practice
  • Open your heart and shine your Light!
The sprays help connect you with your inner Light so you can become your True Self. It is well known that we manifest what we think and feel; thus creating a positive environment helps you create the life you want to live.